PRAELUDIUM Line represents a reference in quality and performances within a range of extremely rich and versatile instruments housed in a compact console, using the prestigious 'High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™' technology.
The results of AHLBORN research has been made possible through the exclusive DRAKE™ processor (Dsp, Risc, Advanced Keyboard Engine) an industry leading initiative and a major leap forward in organ design.

Featuring up to 99 "Alternate Stops" and 48 main stops, PRAELUDIUM Series provides affordable customisation and flexibility. The availability of alternate pipe organ, keyboard and contemporary stops to the default specification, means that the organist can overcome limitations of one specification and make choices in reference to personal taste and musical repertoire.

Further more, “Additional Stops” of excellent sound quality (horizontal reeds, harpsichord, piano, tubular bells, timpani, etc.) join to the stop disposition widening the instruments versatility.
It is possible to access to these stops in three simple and immediate way, through the Programming Section™ incorporated in the front panel of the console, the wireless controlled Interactive Programmer™ (on Praeludium V and Praeludium IV) or holding pressed the Rocker Tab at least for three seconds.

Alternate Stops configurations set by the factory (Preset l, 2, 3, 4) could be easily recalled.

Distinguishing, on Praeludium V three manuals organ, different configurations for the entire organ are available (Organ 1, Organ 2, Organ 3) either set by the company or freely programmable by the customer that will be able to recall and use them instantaneously.

The 500 piston memories give easy access to combinations and allows several organists to retain hundreds of their own personal memory combinations.

Simulated Tracker Touch is now featured on all PRAELUDIUM Series organs to give the organist greater flexibility and vitality of touch. The control by touch of individual pipes enables notes to speak with musical expressiveness and produce a higher level of authenticity, according to what happens on the pipe organs with tracker action.
On all models, the standard keyboards could be replaced with the optional AHLBORN-TWK (Tracker Wooden Keyboard) which will help the organist to find the peculiarities previously described more perceptible.

A powerful programmable digital reverb enriches the possibilities for channelling. This means that the most natural pipe organ sound can be achieved within the acoustic space. Sophisticated features such as Automatic Pedal, programmable Crescendo (Praeludium V and Praeludium IV), programmable Plenum I, Plenum II and Tutti, powerful Multi-Track Sequencer and Disk Drive (not available on Praeludium II and Praeludium I models), Historic Temperaments and Digital Equalisation are standard on PRAELUDIUM Series.

New levels of channelling are available, with up to 8 outputs (Praeludium V and Praeludium IV). Any stop, family and division may be programmed to any channel. This means that AHLBORN offers exceptional flexibility when installing external speaker systems to achieve the most pipe-like result. A further level of authenticity is achieved when used with PRAELUDIUM’s Wind-Chest Layout™ feature.

The Digital Equalisation System with 5 programmable bands for internal amplification and for each stereo external output allows to adapt the sound of the organ to its environment.

All our organs have a double level of programmability: by PROGRAMMING SECTION™, on the front of the console with alphanumeric display and, just on Praeludium V and Praeludium IV model, by INTERACTIVE PROGRAMMER™ a wireless remote control (not directional, with a range of 50 meters) particularly useful during the environment installation.

The consoles, fine and polished, are realised in dark or light oak with bench and locking roll top included.

Various types of pedalboards are available conforming to the different national standards.

Praeludium Series
Organum Series