ORGANUM Series by AHLBORN represents a new benchmark in classic organ design, with new features, functions and our acclaimed ‘High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™’.

Featuring up to 173 Alternate Stops in addition to the main stops disposition included in each instrument, ORGANUM Series provides an affordable customisation and flexibility that the organist can set according to his personal taste and the requirements of the different organ repertoire and national school.

Further more, some “Additional Stops” of excellent sound quality are joined to the stop disposition widening the instruments versatility. Within those are available : high pressure Reeds (Chamade, Tuba Mirabilis, etc.), particular effects (Tubular Bells, Zimbelstern etc.) and accompaniment instruments (Harpsichord and Piano).

It is possible to access to these stops in three simple and immediate ways through : the Programming Section™ incorporated in the front panel of the console, the wireless controlled Interactive Programmer™ or keeping pressed the Rocker Tab at least for three seconds.

On the Organum II model, it is possible to recall one of the four factory configurations of alternate stops (Organ Presets) set for the entire organ.

Instead, on the Organum III model, different configurations for the entire organ are available (Organ 1,2,3,4) either set by the company or freely programmable by the customer that will be able to recall and use them instantaneously.

The 500 piston memories give easy access to combinations and allows several organists to retain hundreds of their own personal memory combinations.

The special “Tracker Touch” of the keyboards allows to the greatest sensibility and vitality of touch, according to what happens on the pipe organ with mechanical action.
On all organ models, the standard keyboards could be replaced with the optional AHLBORN-TWK (Tracker Wooden Keyboard) which will help the organist to find the peculiarities previously described more perceptible.

Within the wide range of performances supplied on our instruments, we recommend the programmability of the Crescendo and the Presets, the availability of numerous Historical Temperaments preset or freely programmable by the user, a powerful Multi-Track Sequencer, the Built-In Disk Drive and a programmable Digital Reverb.

The external sounds channelling possibilities are extremely extended (until 16 channels). The stops can be channelled either individually, by families or by organ section, according to the classic windchest layout (central peak, wing, lateral wings etc.).

The Digital Equalisation System with 5 programmable bands for internal amplification and for each stereo external output allows to adapt the sound of the organ to its environment.

All our organs have a double level of programmability: by PROGRAMMING SECTION™, on the front of the console with alphanumeric display and by INTERACTIVE PROGRAMMER™, as a wireless control (not directional, with a range of 50 meters) particularly useful for the installation of the organ in its environment.

The ORGANUM Series elegant wooden consoles are realised either in dark or light oak.

Various types of pedalboards are available conforming to the different national standards.

The ORGANUM Series organs, because of their beauty and their sound versatility without comparisons associated to the finest aesthetic of their console, are placed at the top of the entire AHLBORN ‘High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™’ production.

Organum Series