In the AHLBORN classical organs, the sound generation has reached a refinement and fidelity unlikely to be surpassed. In order to better enhance such characteristics, AHLBORN has developed the new AH speaker cabinets.

The AHLBORN sound generation has reached a high fidelity and a refinement hardly reachable. In order to better enhance such characteristics, it is necessary that also the external diffusion of the sounds (particularly in medium and large environments) is of the same qualitative level. This also to take advantage at the maximum level of all the wide output sound channelling possibilities featured on each model. That's why AHLBORN offers three different kinds of Speaker cabinets, different on technical specification and dimensions, that can satisfy all requirements, both individually or combined.

AH 300

AH 300 speaker cabinet, with its frequency range particularly extended towards the lowest, represents the best solution for every important installation. It highlights without compromises the deepest sonority of Pedal stops.

AH 200/A

AH 200/A speaker cabinet (with built-in amplification) has got an extended frequency range within contained dimensions and concurs to opportunely distribute on the all environment the different divisions, single families and stops of the organ.

AH 150

At last, the AH 150 speaker cabinet thanks to the easy handling due to its dimensions and to the particularly brilliance and clarity of its sound, can amplify with no limitations the sonority of the organ, with the effects of extraordinary presence and sound accuracy.