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Teatro dell'Opera in Rome

The Ahlborn model Organum III has been selected to perform on March 20th at the concert directed by the famous Riccardo Muti at the Teatro Dell' Opera in Rome.
The complete installation and tuning of the Organum III has been kindly provided by Audiorama.

Ravenna Festival 2012

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Orchestra Giovanile Italiana
Dennis Russell Davies Director
Pipe Organ Sound by Ahlborn (model AG 3000)

Also for its 23rd edition the prestigious Ravenna Festival has selected an Ahlborn organ for the classic concert organized for the evening of June 10th at the Palace De Andre’ (Ravenna, Italy). The Festival will continue its program of various musical genres up until June 15th.
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Internationally Acclaimed Organist Evelyn Katz chooses Ahlborn

Evelyn Katz is a renowed neo-Baroque, neo-Classicist organist from Israel who studied composition, keyboard and voice in Jerusalem with Elisabeth Roloff, a student of Marie-Claire Alaine and with Prof. Barenboim. She played on several historical European organs as the one in Dole-France, Vatican City and in the birth place of Smetana in the Czech Republic to name a few. Evelyn is also an acclaimed composer as she wrote two beautiful sets of 24 Preludes and Fugues in the strictest classic style which have contributed to her international fame. Here below are few words Evelyn wrote regarding her new AG 3000 TWK she received in April 2010:

“When I decided to invest into a new and larger instrument and to purchase my second Ahlborn organ I was already confident in this company as I owned an Ahlborn before from the previous technological generation. Therefore I was already quite familiar with the Ahlborn attention and the unique classic approach to organ building, in partucular to the quality of the sounds and workmanship which in my opinion has no rivals. In any case when I finally received in my home my new AG 3000 TWK in light oak finish, with the beautiful three manual wooden keybeds and adjustable bench, I was really enthusiastic beyond expentactions as these ‘luxuries” gives me not only the sound but also the touch and the feeling of a genuine pipe organ..thank you again Ahlborn..I really could not be more satisfied than I am"

Santa Cecilia Synphony Orchestra

May - June, Rome (Italy)

The Ahlborn model ORGANUM III has been chosen by the Santa Cecilia Synphony Orchestra of Rome to perform live in the following concerts:

  • May 6-11, 2010 Music Park Auditorium Santa Cecilia’s Hall.
  • June 23-26, 2010 St. Peter Square at the presence of the Holy Father.
  • Music Italy Show 2010

    May 15 - 16 -17 2010, Bologna (Italiy)

    Ahlborn will be present at the upcoming Italy Music Show, which will be held in Bologna from May 15-17, 2010, in booth C-20 in Pavilion 32.

    The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Symphonic Seasons

    6th - 8th - 9th of December, Rome (Italy)

    At the Auditorium Santa Cecilia Hall, during the 6th - 8th - 9th of December, the AHLBORN 'High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™', with its prestigious three manuals model (ORGANUM III) will join again the orchestra of the "Accademia" performing the Op. 64 of the famous German composer and conductor, Richard Strauss. His work, Eine Alpensinfonie (1915) will be conducted by Donald Runniches.

    The Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Symphonic Seasons

    2 to 4 November 2008, Rome (Italy)

    The AHLBORN 'High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™', on November from 2nd to 4th, once more has been involved to collaborate with the Orchestra "Accademia Santa Cecilia" in Rome to offer a meaningful tribute to the celebrated composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy anticipating the bicentennial of his birth that will fall in 2009.
    During this important event, AHLBORN has made available his more prestigious instrument, ORGANUM III, to perform the oratorio "Elijah", a true musical monument, almost an impassioned film on the life of one of the prophets most dear to Jewish tradition.

    MusikMesse 2008

    12 to 15 March 2008, Frankfurt Am Main(Germany)

    During the annual edition of "MusikMesse", the international fair of the musical instruments that will take place in Frankfurt (12 to 15 March) the prestigious AHLBORN company tied to the world of the organ classic, will introduce the new three manual instrument: PRAELUDIUM V. This organ represents the real fulfilment of by now appreciated PRAELUDIUM Series derived from the prestigious digital technology 'High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™'.

    AHLBORN products will be on exhibition at following booth: Hall 5,0/ Booth C34. where will be pleased to meet you.

    Italian Youths Agor

    September 2nd 2007, Loreto - Italy

    On Sept. 2nd, 2007 Ahlborn attended the Italian Youths Agorà in Loreto offering its precious contribution to the chorus and orchestra accompanying the service held by the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

    For this important event, Ahlborn offered its model ORGANUM III, 3 manuals and 32 notes pedalboard, combined with a pipes prospect to guarantee an excellent sound blend.

    Here's the letter of thanks from the CEI National Liturgic Office (in Italian)

    "Uto Ughi per Roma" Festival

    Rome, September 20 - October 1 2007

    From September 20 through October 17, 2007 will be held in Rome "Uto Ughi per Roma", one of the most prestigious and innovative occasions to meet the great music, created to make classical music accessible and enjoyable to everyone with a special care to young listeners.
    We are proud to announce that for such an important musical event Maestro Giorgio Carnini and the Organizing Committee have chosen AHLBORN Organs to perform the concerts for organ and orchestra that will take place on Thursday October 11 in the Santa Sabina all'Aventino Basilica.

    Besides Maestro Carnini (that during the event will also play piano and conduct the orchestra) the concerts will be performed by the Camerata Italica Orchestra, Maestra Silvia Cappellini Sinopoli (piano) and Maestra Olga di Ilio (harpsichord and organ).

    During the event our ORGANUM III model will be presented in a very special and prestigious edition with the console of the instrument featuring the fascinating look of the ones created by the renowned French organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.
    Furthermore the digital sound reproduction will be integrated by a front of pipes in which the pipe works as resonator

    The program of the event includes the "Organ Concerto no.2 in C major Hob. XVIII 8" by Franz Joseph Haydn and the 'Organ and Orchestra Concerto in F major op. 4 no. 4' by Georg Friedrich Händel.

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    MusikMesse 2007

    Frankfurt am Main - Germany (28 - 31 March 2007)

    AHLBORN will exhibit at the upcoming Frankfurt Musik Messe (28 - 31 March) with all the new products of AHLBORN 'High Definition Pipe Organ Sound™' catalogue.

    Visit us at Hall 5.0 / booth B19 to appreciate our new models:

    For informations:

    ORGANUM III official presentation

    Rome, February 2005

    On February,15th 2005, at the Auditorium of University Clinic "Gemelli" in Rome, a concert has been hold by M Giorgio Carnini who officially introduced the new Organum III model. The new instrument has been bound together to the new 6 real stops pipe module. M Carnini has directed and played the following program:

    Orchestral Overture N. 1
    Concert for Organ and Orchestra in "C major" XVIII:4
    Concert for Organ and Orchestra Op.7 No4
    Concert for Piano and Orchestra in "G major" XVIII: 4.

    AG 3200 in Loreto, Italy

    Loreto, September 2004

    On September, 5th 2004, in occasion of the visit of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II to Loreto, the new model AG 3200 has been played live on RAI 1 (first national TV Channel) during the Saint Mass.

    Ravenna Festival

    Ravenna (Italy), 23rd July 2004

    From the 24 of June to the 23 of July 2004 in occasion of the Ravenna Festival, the new AG3200 three manuals organ has been played in Italy for the first time with the Wiener Philharmoniker directed by the M Riccardo Muti.
    The organists, M° Anton Holzapfel and M° James Vaughan, performed a repertoire of Italian symphonic music. The Slovakian national orchestra, with the organist M° Stanislav Surin (, performed a repertoire of Slovakian music and the Oratory "Paulus" by F. Mendelhsson Bartholdy.

    Concert in the cathedral of Santa Maria del PI

    Barcelona (Spain), May 15th 2004

    On May,15th 2004, in the context of a venture between the city of Cattolica and Barcelona in Catalogna, a concert has been held in the famous cathedral of Santa Maria del PI. For the occasion, M Claudio Morosi has played the Organum II, with a Spanish baroque music repertoire.